Research Areas

This area consists micro- and nano-scale engineering applications of biological relevance. Our molecular and cellular bioengineering reseach at the Department of Bioengineering stays at the interface between bioengineering, cellular biology, molecular biology, chemistry, biochemistry and materials chemistry. In general terms applications include novel polymer design for drug delivery, synthetic biology for cellular bioprocess, biomechanical manipulation, discovery of drug candidates from natural sources. Academic staff working in this area:
Volga Bulmuş: Nanomedicine, Drug Delivery, Polymer Therapeutics, Theranostics, Diagnostics
Erdal Bedir: Natural Product Chemistry, Structure Elucidation, Bioassay Guided Isolation, Drug Discovery, Microbial Transformation, Semi-synthesis, Structure-Activity Relationships
Engin Özçivici: Cellular Biomechanics, Bone Regeneration, Stem Cell Differentiation, Weightlessness.Ahu Arslan Yıldız: Biomimetics, Artificial Cell Membrane, 3D Cell CultureNur Başak Sürmeli: Protein Design and Engineering, Biocatalysis, Biochemistry

Hüseyin Cumhur Tekin: Organ-on- a-chip, Diagnostics

Physical and chemical measurements are essential for medical diagnostics and patient care. Faculty in Department of Bioengineering working under biomedical technologies seek to develop novel imaging technologies, high-throughput probe testing, single cell isolation and point-of- care medical devices. Academic staff working in this area:
Ahu Arslan Yıldız: Drug Screening, Microfluidic Diagnostic Tools, PoC Tools
Hüseyin Cumhur Tekin: Micro/nanotechnology, Lab-on- a-chip, Microfluidics, Point-of- care Testing, Telemedicine

As a sub-discipline of biotechnology and bioengineering, bioprocess engineering can be defined as application of engineering principles to biological systems in its broadest sense. Starting from microorganisms, plants, animal cells or cell components (enzymes etc.), this field comprises the design of processes and equipment needed to produce the intended end product, the optimization of production conditions and transferring the developed procedures to a large scale production, the design and optimization of up-stream and down-stream processes, the characterization and quality control of the end products. Academic staff working in this area:

Erdal Bedir: High-Value Added Natural Products, Spectral Characterization, Chromatographic Applications in Down-Stream Processing, Optimization of Extraction/Isolation/Purification Stages, Large Scale Production.