Orhan Nalcıoğlu


Email: orhannalcioglu@iyte.edu.tr
Office: Science Faculty Building, Block A, Office No 210
Phone: (232) 750-7386
Courses: ENGR 530

Orhan Nalcıoğlu, PhD, FIEEE, FAAPM, FISMRM

Professor, Department of Bioengineering

Professor & Director Emeritus, University of California-Irvine


  • Nuclear imaging systems
  • MRI imaging systems
  • Multi-modality imaging systems
  • Preclinical imaging


Prof. Nalcioglu received his Ph.D. in nuclear physics from the University of Oregon in 1970. He joined the University of California-Irvine in 1977 as Assistant Professor of Radiology where he worked until his retirement in 2014. He established the Tu & Yuen Center for Functional Onco-Imaging at the University of California-Irvine in 1993 where he served as the Founding Director until his retirement in 2014. He joined the Bioengineering Department at IYTE in 2015.


Professor Nalcioglu’s research interest covers a broad spectrum of areas focused on the development of imaging systems and their applications in pre-clinical or clinical imaging settings. His most recent interest is in the development of multi-modality imaging devices where two different imaging systems providing complementary information are integrated together. An example of such a system combines nuclear molecular imaging with MRI where the former provides the molecular information whereas the later supplements the fully co-registered anatomical images.

Selected Publications:

Keum Sil, L., W.W. Roeck, G.T. Gullberg, and O. Nalcioglu, MR-based Keyhole SPECT for Small Animal Imaging. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 2011. 56(3): p. 685-702.

Lee, D.J., M. Amini, M.J. Hamamura, M.S. Hsu, M.M. Seldin, O. Nalcioglu, and D.K. Binder, Aquaporin-4-dependent edema clearance following status epilepticus. Epilepsy Research, 2012. 98(2-3): p. 264-268.

Ha, SH, Hamamura, MJ, Roeck, WR, and Nalcioglu, O, Feasibility study of a new RF coil design for prostate MRI, Phys Med Bio, 2014. (59): N163-9.